In accordance with California law, we will not share information we collect about you with nonaffiliates, except as allowed by law. For example, we may share information with your consent or to service your accounts.
See below for your right to limit our sharing among our affiliates.


We are providing you this notice pursuant to state law. You may be placed on our internal “do not call” list by calling 800-655-6303. Nevada law requires that we also provide you with the following contact information:
Bureau of Consumer Protection,

Office of the Nevada Attorney General, 555 E. Washington St. – Suite 3900, Las Vegas, NV
89101; 702-486-3132 –


In accordance with Vermont law, we will not share information we collect about Vermont
residents with companies who are not affiliates, except as permitted by law, such as with your consent or to service your
accounts. We will not share information about your creditworthiness with our affiliates without your authorization or consent but we may share information about our transactions or experiences with you with our affiliates without your consent.


In accordance with Montana law, we will not disclose your name or personal information to anyone
other than your enrolled creditors or our agents, affiliates, or contractors.
Additional Rights for California Residents – Important Privacy Choices for Consumers
You have the right to control whether we share some of your personal information. Please read the following
information carefully before you make your choices below.
You have additional rights under Federal law. 

Your Rights

You have the following rights to restrict the sharing of personal and financial information with our affiliates (companies we own or control) and outside companies that we do business with. Nothing in this form prohibits the sharing of information necessary for us to follow the law, as permitted by law, or to give you the best service on your accounts with us. This includes sending you information about some other products or services.